Alpha / Beta

I decided to do some new eyes on both my main account and my new alt (Stellarvore). The Alpha set is submitted on Scarling, and the Beta set (shown) is submitted on Stellarvore. Alpha has much less reflective shine than Beta, and Beta is really just a tweak of Alpha but they already had a few sales so I didn’t want to change them for those who already bought them, and I wanted my alt to have more sales, yadda yadda yadda. That’s the explanation for one version being on one account and the other being on my alt. Anyway, Beta looks nicer so I am showcasing those here. The colors from top to bottom on the right side of the image are Life Drain, Terra Nova, Night Vision, Lightning, Permafrost and Ghost.

I also like the colors more for the Beta set. I was inspired by a new eye dev I’ve been noticing named Taser. I love the shine on their eyes so I was trying to do something in a similar style with them being more reflective than my usual sets. I think I nailed it so I am happy. πŸ™‚

Also, I am going to try to not post too much about my own products here anymore. It will only be new sets that I post, such as a new set of eyes I am really proud of, or an entirely new skin line, etc. I won’t be posting about every little thing because I want this blog to mainly be me showcasing other developers awesome work and not just stroking my own ego. So yeah, I won’t be posting about my own stuff too often. If you want updates on that, “like” my facebook page.


Products Used:
Beta Eye Collection | Stellarvore (my alt)
Deadly Delicacy Choker | Violaghost
Freya Brows (Black) | Scarling
Dove Black Hair | D1


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Nightwren’s Dreads

I don’t know how many other fans of dreads there are on IMVU, but I for one am a huge fan. I love how they look and I think they add a lot of character and uniqueness to the right outfit. Unfortunately, there are extremely few developers who make dreads. There aren’t many hairstyles they look right on, and often times developers just turn their regular hair textures sideways and call them dreads. FORtunately for us, Nightwren hand-draws her dread textures and they look AMAZING. She doesn’t have too many in her catalog yet but the few that she does have I really love. Not only are they realistic in the texture itself, but they’re also messy, as dreads should be! She also even did an opacity for the hair, specific for her dreads so they look even more realistic.


Not only has she chosen in my opinion the perfect hairstyles to submit them on, but she also does in them in multiple colors! She’s slowly adding more options when she submits, and I love the colors she has so far, which include a blonde, brown (shown), black, red, pink, and minty blue.

The opacity she adds really makes all the difference as well. I’ve seen some dreads in the catalog before that still have the stringy opacity that the mesher made for the hair when they submitted it and since dreads don’t have the same ends as non-dreads do, it tends to look weird. These however are great and I am really looking forward to seeing the other styles and colors she will submit these with. πŸ™‚

Products Used:
Maple Keelin (Dread) | Nightwren
Mr. Bungle T-shirt | Stellarvore
Freya Brows | Scarling
Alpha Eyes {Lush} | Scarling
Black PVC Ear Plugs | Psyonide

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A dev I’ve been noticing making some waves recently in the skin catalog is Zephyr. Holy mother of god I would not believe that these are her first skins ever had I not gotten an epic-awesome DP from her a few months prior (therefore I can vouch for her awesomeness as an artist) that I was completely blown away by (minus the “piss off” message, of course. Sadly art thieves are rampant these days):

The awesome DP Zephyr made for me (minus the Piss Off message ofc)

The awesome DP Zephyr made for me (minus the Piss Off message ofc)

So anyway, when I saw her new skins out I was blown away even more. Just the sheer detail on these skins is truly amazing. It’s incredibly realistic but still obviously hand-drawn. Those lovely pouty lips are the first thing that caught my eye and made me want to try them on in the first place. After seeing the rest of the skin, I was just in love.

Look at that sexiness. Just fucking look at it.

I can’t even get over how detailed these skins are and how nice they look. The makeups are all super detailed and gorgeous, the lips look amazing, everything does. EXCEPT I do have one gripe. There is a very obvious neck seam (or at least there is on the particular skin I am wearing in this post).


I think she just overlooked it accidentally because everything else is seamless, including the ankle/foot seam which is an absolute bitch to line up perfectly. It really doesn’t bother me enough to deter me from wearing these skins but it is bad to have obvious seams in obvious places like that, especially if the wearer likes to wear short hairstyles often (which I do, when I can find them). Like I said though, even with the seam I don’t care all that much. Everything else makes up for it many times over and I am really happy to see such awesome talent in the catalog again. ❀

Products used:
Hardstyle | Zephyr
Satin Bikini in Black | Stellarvore
Freya Brows | Scarling
Simple Black Plugs | Pinotteux
Alpha Eyes in Lush | Scarling
BBF8 Black Hair | MrsKitty
Vivi Avatar (30p) | Corpsedolly

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The Long Hiatus.

Alright so I know I haven’t posted in a long while. I got bored with the blog already and I wasn’t finding enough stuff that really wowed me enough to want to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Well, I’ve been finding some things as of late so I will be posting those shortly. I apologize for the super long hiatus, but I am working on trying to get my blogs activity back up. πŸ™‚

Also, please remember do not post drama/accusations/bullshit/whatever on my comments. I made the mistake of approving them previously because I wasn’t actually reading through them like an idiot so that was my bad (I was mainly just skimming for non-english comments, spam, porn bots, etc and approving everything else). But I will be keeping a closer eye on the comments from now on. If you have an issue about something I post, you CAN make a comment about it but please do so in an intelligent, informed, and professional manner. i.e. Do not call names, do not accuse anyone of anything (simply show your screen shots to compare rather than outright saying someone did whatever), and above all BACK UP YOUR OPINIONS. Also, if you say something sucks or someone else does a better version etc, those will also be denied. In other words, don’t be an asshat. You are the result of millions of years of evolution. Fucking act like it.

Anyway, without further adieu I will end this post and get on to making my actual blog posts. πŸ™‚ They will be up within the hour I believe. ❀

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This is a public service announcement:

Just a friendly reminder, my blog comments are not here for your drama. If you cannot argue a point in a calm and sensible fashion, your comments will no longer be approved. Said comments have been removed so as not to add fuel to the fire. I am fine with debates, so long as they can be conducted maturely.


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So someone decided to comment on my previous post concerning Muneca’s new skins, stating the following:

“Scarling wrote: She puts a great deal of time and effort into her work and it certainly shows.

That is really funny cause I’m pretty much sure Munecas latest skins were not her original work. There are a lot of similarities to Lollirots β€˜Jeopardy Skin’. Go and take a look at her Dark Diva Skin shop. I do not condemn it. Just thought that should be added to your praise.”

I spoke with Muneca about it and she says this claim is false. Although she did purchase that skin in order to help Naomi (Lollirot) out since she is trying to raise money to recover a corrupted hard drive, the purchase was made AFTER these skins were submitted. The only file she used with the skins was my own skin guide psd file, which is only a placement guide, NOT a pre-made skin (it’s a bunch of neon colored lines on the IMVU default skin). Other than that, I do believe that Muneca made the skins ENTIRELY on her own.

Aside from both claims, I compared the two skins myself and I see no immediate resemblances. The only thing that looked similar at all to me were the dark lines of the shoulder blades, but upon closer inspection they are in fact different. I compared them on top of each other as well and I did not notice anything that made me think she used the template for this particular skin.

Click here to see the high resolution screen shots comparing the two. Warning, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Contains NUDE Avatars!

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Like a factory.

Okay so today I have a REALLY long post to make. I have a ton of stuff to write about so it’s all going to be in one post. First off, I’ve been wanting to do more clothing since I haven’t in so long so I’ve been pretty much pumping new things out like a factory the past few days. xD

I’ve got some new jeans, shorts, tank tops and hair, and I’m currently working on some bikinis. Getting ready for summer FTW πŸ˜€ Also some new skins from a friend and talented new skin developer πŸ™‚

First off are the jeans. They’re called Widow Jeans because the design on the back is a tad unique like spider webs always are, and they have my little black widow logo on the back pockets. They’re available on the Republic shape, Booty Bottom, and my Calypso shape.

They’re available in five washes as well. I had randomly thought about making jeans for a week or two since the last jeans I made were back when I first started developing, Lol. These are entirely hand-drawn too πŸ˜€ I’m really proud of how they came out, especially considering my last attempt at jeans looked so crappy I quit them midway through.

After I did the long jeans, I decided that I wanted to do shorts too. I didn’t do hotpants or daisy dukes but I did almost like a bermuda short. Not quite as long as bermudas I don’t think, but they’re close. They’re a good balance between the two so I just called them Surf Shorts. πŸ™‚

These are also available on the same three meshes that the Widow Jeans are available on. I’ve eliminated the acid wash from this collection though because I just simply couldn’t get the technique to work as well on these. =/ I have no idea why, since they’re the exact same thing but slightly modified. The only things changed are the design in the back, added rips and cut into shorts. I guess it’s one of those things you “can only do once,” LOL. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t duplicate what I did to get that acid washed look. =[ But anyway, I also modified the other available washes. I made them a little more blueish since the Widow Jeans were more on the green side.

Third, I wanted to do some cute beachy tops to go with these shorts and jeans. I actually based them (almost directly) on a top that I have in real life, the only difference being the style of the lace in the back. Also 100% hand-drawn πŸ˜€ This is the first time EVER that something I made actually came out 100% EXACTLY like how I pictured in my head before I started. I’m really happy with them and I hope to make some bikinis to match πŸ˜€

I couldn’t think of anything clever to name them so I just went with “Stripey Tees,” Lol. Ah well, it’ll work.

Fourth is a debut of sorts, of my newest hair textures. Since previously I only had my Scarling Pink color and a blondeish tone in it, this is the first full line of hairs in all of the natural (and one unnatural) colors.

I did do a line of the Valje hairstyles before this (between the jeans and shorts I believe) in all of the tones except Cherry. The version of Mohogany is slightly different though. A “rough draft” if you will. I would post those too, along with a new color of my Translucent eye series(a bright blue called Selene, my rendition of the blue eyes on the vampires in the Underworld series) but this post is already long enough so maybe I will do those another time if I feel like it. Anyway, I’m really loving this Cherry color that I did. I’ve actually had it sitting in my hair textures folder for a while now and I just never used it. I always start my textures in red because it’s a very easy color to manipulate and make other colors from. This was very first color of my new hair textures.

Last but certainly NOT least are some new skins by a friend and fellow skin designer, Muneca. She really has come a long way as a designer and I really love these new skins of hers. They look like a lot of time and effort was put into them, working out every little detail. The tone itself is extremely similar to my Natural tone so if you like my skins I’m sure you’ll love hers too. The noses are absolutely adorable and the lips are oh so glossy!

As you might notice, yes her skins are very similar to my own. This is partly because she used my Skin Guide psd file (available on FSF for 10k. It is NOT any of my skin textures, it is just a placement guide). I just wanted to point that out so no one thinks otherwise, because in the past a few people actually thought that she was an alt of mine because of the similarities. She puts a great deal of time and effort into her work and it certainly shows. I really love the softness and subtle but detailed enhancements. I love that she knows just the right amount of shine and shade to add to the body in each area and it looks just wonderful πŸ˜€ I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more skins by her! ❀


Hair by: Me
Eyes by: Me
Head by: Me, custom not for sale
Striped shirts by: Me
White croptop: Ink3d
Purple peace tee: CertifiedMiixedMami
Jeans/Shorts by: Me
Chuck Taylor sneakers: Dashing
Black Sandals: Dashing
Heels: Me
Beaded Necklace: x0xdiamond
Moustache necklace: Cindyy
Skins by: Me, Muneca
Black PVC Bikini: Lollirot

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